PSB Amsterdam CS (ASD)

PSB Amsterdam CS (ASD)
PSB Amsterdam CS (ASD)


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Amsterdam CS

In this simulation of the Power Signal Box Amsterdam you will be amazed about the tons of features and loads of reality things!
You'll have to manage loads of traffic in a reasonable size layout. This is the largest signal box simulation made up until now.
It covers a wide area of about 40 km circle around the buzzing Amsterdam Central Station.
This simulation makes best fun if you share the panel in our multiplayer system!
The simulation is delivered with full documentation about the area

Just try out our Demo Version to get an idea about the panel!

Click on the image for a larger view


  • Very advanced simulation with a wide area of operation, though still easy to operate
  • Multiplayer (Dispatcher Centre to operate a panel with more than one signaller)
  • Detailed simulation of a Power Signal Box GRS-NX Type
  • Exact copy of the Signal Panel including all sounds
  • difficulty level adjustable by managing train series

Full track plans and OLE plans is available as a single page or multi-page to print out and connect together.


Amsterdam by the numbers…

  • 399 points/turnouts, 332 signals
  • 576 track sections
  • 229 km of total track length (apprx. 140 miles of track)
  • 3292 possible routes (!)
  • 1200 trains per DAY, leaving out 4 hours at night, that's one train per minute!
  • more than 1200 movement orders per day
  • operate the Overhead Line Equipment with many catenary groups
  • 2 operable Bridges
  • 29 Platform Indication Display with original punch card system