PSB Andernach (KAND)

PSB Andernach (KAND)
PSB Andernach (KAND)
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This station is located at the Left Rhine line with the heavy traffic. Andernach is also the connection for the Pellenz-Eifel Railway to Mayen and Gerolstein
As a dispatcher you'll have a load of traffic, though you don't have to take serious decisions about it. You'll have enough work left for the switching/shunting in the yard with the sheet steel factory and the harbour.


  • Multiplayer (Dispatcher Centre to operate a panel with more than one signaller)
  • Detailed simulation of a Power Signal Box of the German type Sp Dr S 60
  • Exact copy of the ZNP801 train number indicator operating system
  • Digital train descriptors

A track plan is available as a single page or multi-page to print out and connect together.

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Andernach by the numbers…

  • Switches: 46
  • Signals: 72
  • Tracks: 106
  • Total Track Length: 49 709m
  • Routes: 427
  • Tiles: 720
  • Buttons: 227