PSB Gelsenkirchen Hbf (EG)

PSB Gelsenkirchen Hbf (EG)
PSB Gelsenkirchen Hbf (EG)


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Dispatch train traffic at an important site of the Ruhr District in Germany!

Gelsenkirchen Hbf is a fairly easy signal box, great for beginners. But also for the experts it has some hidden things to find out and puzzle your way around a good balance between the commuter trains, IC and other local trains as well as a good chunk of freight trains typical for the Ruhr district. You’ll get some load of interesting Torpedo trains. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to shoot at. Torpedo trains transport fluid iron between the foundry and the steel works. So keep them running!

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  • Multiplayer (create dispatcher centre with multiple signallers)
  • Detailed simulation of Power Signal Box type Sp Dr S 60
  • Original Number Entry System with memory functionality
  • Working ZNP801 train descriptor and Annunciator system
  • Digital train descriptor system


Gelsenkirchen Hbf:

  • 73 Points, 79 Signals
  • 151 Track Sections
  • 531 possible routes
  • Comfortable but varied timetable typical

Comes together with a detailed signal plan in one page, as well as more pages you can print out and staple together. Also 2 pdf files for printout with the timetable sorted by time or by train number are in the package.