PSB Roisdorf (KROI)

PSB Roisdorf (KROI)
PSB Roisdorf (KROI)
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Power Signal Box Roisdorf

This signal box is suitable for beginners and experienced dispatchers alike. When doing Line Operations (Internet/LAN-play) with Remagen and Bonn Hbf, the dispatching experience is even more realistic!

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About Power Signal Box Roisdorf:

  • 7 switches
  • 26 signals
  • 36 track circuits
  • 24 km total track length
  • 38 routes
  • 240 panel tiles
  • 118 buttons
  • 2 crossings, both are full barrier crossings
  • Can be linked up with Bonn Hbf for Internet/LAN play using the Dispatcher Supervisor (free)

Roisdorf is a part of Project Rheingold, which is the linking of many stations between Cologne and Koblenz on the busy left Rhine. These stations will be linkable using Line Operations (Internet/LAN play). The timetable of Project Rheingold recreates traffic from 1996.

Here is a short list of features available with a Sp Dr S 60 interlocking system (the most common system used in Germany)

  • Panel  exactly modelled after the real signal panel according to design rules and regulations
  • Train and shunt route setting as in real life
  • Signal automation/fleeting using steering numbers
  • Signal defects and anomalies
  • Group buttons on the main panel
  • Automatic block direction locking lights
  • Automatic blocks (including Block 60 type of automatic block systems)
  • Train Descriptor System ZNP801 for offering/accepting/refusing traffic
  • Signal brightness (day/night brightness control of outside signals)
  • Panel brightness (brightness control of items on the panel)
  • Axle counters
  • Subsidiary signal Zs 1
  • Opposite track / wrong line signal Zs 6


Here are some of the items that the simulation offers:

  • Mouse-movable, zoomable dispatching panel
  • Working with multiple screens, if desired
  • Tile observer (view individual tiles in a separate window, with the ability to make scale tiles larger or smaller)
  • Train defects, delays, extra/unscheduled trains
  • Advanced movement order system for managing at the vehicle level.
  • Scenario system for loading specific simulation states (to challenge yourself, or to learn about specific interlocking features)
  • Communication on a realistic radio/telephone system
  • Communication with Internet/LAN partners when doing Line Operations
  • View Line Operations (multiple stations) using Dispatching Supervisor
  • Signal technicians to repair interlocking system malfunctions
  • Surprises and unforeseen events which any dispatcher can expect to happen!


An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) manual is included, which describes basic operations.

For more detailed help resources and information, visit:

The Dispatcher Supervisor is a free tool used to help people connect with one another so they can do Line Operations. You may also use it to view what other dispatchers are doing in their simulations.

The MultiPlayer client (also free) is used when several people want to dispatch the same simulation.