Signalling Centre Würzburg Hbf (NWH)

Signalling Centre Würzburg Hbf (NWH)
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Signalling Centre Würzburg Hbf

You MUST have a working internet connection to be able to use this simulation!

Because this simulation is very complex and is part of a larger platform in development, we would like to keep intensive contact with our customers and offer each user the latest version available. It is therefore that registration and use of the license key is obligatory.

The Signalling Centre Würzburg Hbf is a very large panel and contains many new options and functions. It is a Sp Dr S 600 type of panel with complex operations and the use of a control monitor, just like the real thing! Würzburg Hbf is in the start of the North-South High Speed Line to Hanover with ICE trains running up to 280 km/h! Due to the centre point of the station, there are many freight trains that need relief drivers. It's up to you to plan where they must relieve each other so that they don't block your traffic! Lots of challenges there!

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Features of the Signalling Centre Würzburg Hbf

  • Contains a large area around Würzburg Hbf including a good part of the High Speed Line and the line to Gemünden
  • 11 time table points are included.
  • Complete 1:1 simulation of the original panel of the type Sp Dr S 600, Sp Dr L 60 including all buttons!
  • Zentralblock-System and Automatic Block System as well as LZB (ATC) - Full and Partial Block Modes
  • Control Monitor for Data Entry
  • Special new Electronic Signal Panel for the Würzburg Classification Yard.
  • ZNP 801 train number descriptor system
  • Group buttons on panel and in separate window.
  • Special zoom window
  • Day and night brightness of signals with dimmer and bell.
  • Logging printer with sound.
  • 4 brightness levels for panel lighting.

Background information:

Program and documentation is in English.

Some data of Signalling Centre Würzburg Hbf

  • 15766 possible routes (train, shunt, alternatives)
  • 482 signals
  • 290 switches/points/turnouts
  • 630 track sections (202 km network length in total)
  • 7600 panel tiles (!). In total 1332 buttons to press!
  • Many trains and shunting movements, with many freight trains and relief drivers

The timetable is from 2016

System Requirements :
Minimal :

- Windows 7, Windows 8 or Window 10, (32 or 64 bit)
- 2GB RAM memory
- 500MB space free on hard disk
- Sound Card
- 2.0 GHz processor


The simulation CAN run on older computers, though we encourage to have

- 4 GB RAM Memory
- 3 GHz multi-core CPU


The simulation can run on a monitor with 1024x768 resolution. Though we strongly encourage higher resolutions for a better simulation experience. For optimal results, you might consider having a wide screen monitor. Ideally you would have more than one monitor available.

Microsoft .Net Frame work

The simulation uses the Microsoft .NET Framework. If this is not available, it will be installed upon installation of the application.