Telephone VOIP System

Telephone VOIP System


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Telephone VOIP System

In co-operation with Nimajin Software from London, Ontario, Canada a special telephone system has been created for the German Signal Boxes while in line operations. Until now you only could "chat" with your neighbouring dispatcher in order to exchange information via the communication system. Now it is possible to simply talk to each other. Just like the real telephone.

You only need ONE version of the software for all simulations of the Project Rheingold and the Trinity Wuppertal (coming soon)

What do you need?

- speakers & microphone. Headset is the best option!

- broadband internet

- access to your router to open additional ports (just like you did for the line operations)

- your neighbour dispatcher must have a valid voip-license as well.

If you want to use the telephone system on an internal network, you must purchase a license for EACH computer. It is NOT possible with one licence to talk with yourself. This also occurs if you run two or more simulations during line operations and you would call yourself. (Would be pretty unlogical to do anyway)

Support is supplied via the forum.

More information you can find on our Wiki: